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Here are the known runs in Guatemala. Rivers with a write-up on this site will be link-highlighted in your browser. For the season data, best months are in green, marginal months in red. Times are average for experienced kayakers. For a different country, click here: Chiapas Belize Honduras El Salvador Nicaragua.

region river class length/time rafts?
PACIFIC WEST Suchiate, upper IV 9km/1:30+hike no
season:May, Jun-Oct, Nov Suchiate, main IV- 12km/1:30 yes
  Petacalapa, upper III 10km/1:30 no
  Petacalapa, lower III 12km/2:30 yes
  Cabúz, Upper, & Negro IV up to 16km/5:00 no
  Cutzulchimá-Cabúz, Lower & Bottom IV up to 37km/5:00 yes
  Nahuatán, main III 6km/0:45 no
  Nahuatán, lower II 8km/1:15 yes
  Pajapá, upper IV 12km/2:30 no
  Pajapá III 5km/0:40 no
  Ixtal IV 20km/5:00 no
  Chisná IV 20km/6:00 no
  Naranjo, upper IV 7km/1:30+hike no
  Naranjo IV- 24km/4:00 yes
  Naranjo, lower IV 7.5km/1:00 yes
  Xab, upper IV 10.5km/3:30 no
  Xab, lower IV 10km/2:00 no
  Nil, upper IV- 13.5km/2:00 no
  Nil, lower IV- 23km/4:00 no
  Ocosito, upper IV 9km/3:00 no
  Ocosito, middle IV- 9km/1:30 yes
  Ocosito, lower III+ 22km/3:30 yes
PACIFIC SUCHI Ixtacapa III+ 20km/3:00 no
season:May, Jun-Oct, Nov Nahualate, upper IV up to 22km/7:00 hard
  Nahualate, middle IV 10km/2:00 yes
  Nahualate, lower III- 8km/1:00 yes
  Nicá-Cutzán IV up to 23km/5:00 no
  Tarro III 5km/0:45 no
  Mocá, upper IV- 16km/4:00 no
  Mocá-Bravo, lower II+ 18km/2:30 yes
  San Francisco, upper IV 7km/2:00 no
  San Francisco, lower III- 6km/1:00 yes
  Siguacán, canyon IV- 3km/1:30 no
  Siguacán, middle III 13km/1:30 yes
  Siguacán, lower II 11km/1:30 yes
  Madre Vieja, upper V- 4km/2:00 no
  Madre Vieja, middle IV up to 17.5km/3:30 no
  Madre Vieja, lower III up to 24km/4:00 no
  Piyá IV up to 12km/3:30 no
  Nicán V- 22.5km/6:00 no
  Coyolate IV- 24-26km/4:00 yes
  Popoyá, upper II+ 4km/0:30 no
  Popoyá, lower IV 4km/3:00+Coyolate no
PACIFIC ESCUINTLA Aguná, upper IV 19km/4:00 no
season:May, Jun-Oct, Nov Aguná, lower III- 10km/2:00 no
  Xatá III up to 26km/3:30 no
  San Cristóbal IV 7.5km/4:00 no
  Pantaleón, upper IV- up to 16km/2:00 no
  Pantaleón, lower III+ 9km/1:00 yes
  Ceniza IV 15km/2:00 no
  Achiguate III- 14km/2:00 if high
  Metapa IV 10km/1:30 no
  Asuchillo II 8km/1:30 no
  Maria Linda, upper V 19km/6:00 no
  Maria Linda, lower IV- 9-12km/1:30 no
  Aguacapa III- 5km/0:40 no
  La Plata IV 9km/2:00 no
SOUTHEAST Las Cañas III 9km/1:30 no
season: Jun-Oct Los Esclavos, top III 13km/1:30 yes
  Los Esclavos, upper IV 19-25km/5:00 yes
  Los Esclavos, hydro run V up to 5km/2:30 no
  Los Esclavos, middle V 23km/3-6:00 no
  Los Esclavos, lower IV- 13km/2:00 yes
  Margaritas IV+ 34km/6:0'0 no
  Paz, upper V up to 58km/9:00 no
  Paz, lower IV+ 36km/7:00 no
  Pululá III 12km/1:15 no
  Ostúa, upper IV 11km/1:30 no
  Ostúa, middle II II 8km/1:00 yes
  Ostúa, middle IV+ 28km/5:00 yes
  Ostúa, lower V 15.5km/6:00 no
HIGH RÍO MOTAGUA Motagua, top parts* IV(VI) 10-18km/2:30+ no
(listed east to west) Arriquín* IV+ up to 18km/5:00 no
season: Jun-Oct, Nov Motagua, upper IV/V up to 38km/4-12hrs no
  Quisayá IV/V 32km/7-8hrs no
  Quisayá, upper IV 13km/3:00 no
  Motagua, middle III+ 14km/2:00 yes
  Pixcayá, lower III+ 10km/2:00 yes
  Motagua, lower IV up to 27km/4:00 yes
  Motagua, bottom bit V 4km/3:00 no
  Pixcayá, canyon V 9.5km/5:00 no
  Pixcayá, middle IV up to 18.5km/5:00 no
  Pixcayá, upper III 7km/1:30 no
  Pixcayá, Xayá Run IV 8km/2:00 no
MID RÍO MOTAGUA Cañas, upper IV 11km/2:00 no
(listed west to east) Cañas, lower IV 15km/3:00+Plat. no
season: Jun-Aug, Sep-Oct Plátanos, upper* IV 15km/2:30 no
  Plátanos, middle IV 23km/4:00 yes
  Plátanos, lower IV- 19km/4:00 no
  Guastatoya, upper IV 24km/2:30 no
  Guastatoya, lower III 11km/2:30 yes
  Morazán, middle II 4.5km/1:00 no
  Morazán, the rest IV 12.5km/3:30 no
  Jalapa, upper IV up to 20km/3:00 no
  Jalapa, high middle V 10km/5:00 no
  Jalapa, mid middle IV 7km/1:15 no
  Jalapa, low middle III 10.5km/1:30 no
  Jalapa canyon V 23km/2-3 days no
  Tambor III+ 10km/1:30 yes
LOW RÍO MOTAGUA Teculután IV 9km/1:00 no
season: Jun-Aug, Sep-Oct San José, upper IV up to 30km/5:00 no
  San José, middle II 16km/2:00 if high
  Shutaque, lower II 14km/2:00 if high
  Shutaque, upper III+ up to 25km/3:00 no
  San José, lower canyon IV- 8km/1:00+Zacapa no
  Zacapa, lower III+ 9km/1:30 yes
  Zacapa, bottom III- up to 16.5km/2:00 yes
  Jocotán V 15.5km/4:00+Zac. no
  Camotán III+ up to 11km/2:00 yes
  Olopa-Lempa (Honduras) III+ 13.5km/3:00 yes
  Copán, mid/low/border (Hond.) II to IV up to 47km/6:00 lower
  Las Cañas (Shinshín) IV 19km/3:00 no
  El Zapote IV 21km/4:00 challenge
  Managuá IV up to 22km/3:30 lower
  Jubuco IV/V 8-18km/2-7:00 no
NORTHWEST Cuilco, upper* III+ up to 44km/8:00 low bits
(listed south to north) Cuilco, middle* IV+ 10-25km/1-3:00 yes
season: Jun-Aug, Sep-Nov, Dec Cuilco, lower IV+ up to 53km/8:00 mostly
  Cuilco, border run III 11km/1:15 yes
  Selegua, top III- 9km/1:30 no
  Selegua, upper IV up to 34km/5:00 no
  Selegua, 1st canyon V+ 4km/4:00 no
  Selegua, between canyons IV 11km/3:00 no
  Selegua, lower IV up to 25km/10:00 first part
  Valparaiso, upper IV 4km/2:00 no
  Valparaiso, middle IV 5km/2:00 no
  Valparaiso, lower V 6km/2:30 no
  Santa Ana, upper V 6km/4:30 no
  Santa Ana, lower III 6km/1:00 no
  Azul, upper IV 15km/2:15 no
  Azul, lower II 9km/1:15 yes
  Catarina, main IV+ 37km/6:30 no
  Catarina, upper V 6km/6:00 no
  Nentón, main IV 18km/2:30 yes
  Nentón, upper IV 15km/2:00 no
RÍO NEGRO Negro, bottom IV? 37km/6:00 yes
season: Jun-Aug, Sep-Oct Negro, lower V 32km/6:00 yes
  Negro, middle II/III up to 23km/4:00 yes
  Blanco IV+ up to 24km/5:00 low bit
  Negro, upper* IV/V 13km/5:00 no
  Pacaranát* IV+ 16km/4:30 no
  Cajulá, lower IV+ 11km/4:00 no
  Serchil, lower IV+ 13km/4:30 no
  Cajulá, upper IV- 21km/5:00 no
  Serchil, upper III 10km/1:30 no
  Malá II 13km/2:30 no
SALAMÁ Xolacoy II 11 km/2:00 no
season: Jun-Oct Xococ V 12 km/5:00 no
  Salamá, lower III 12 km/2:00 no
  Salamá, middle II+ 6 km/1:00 no
  Quililá, upper III 6 km/1:00 no
  Quililá, upper IV 4 km/1:00 no
  San Jerónimo, Las Astras IV 3.5 km/2:00 no
  Las Flautas III up to 11 km/3:00 no
  San Isidro IV(V) 12 km/2:30 no
  Matanzas (west) IV 1 km/0:30 no
CAHABÓN-POLOCHIC Cahabón, blw Semuc Champey II 5.5km/1:30 yes
season: Jun, Jul-Nov, Dec-Feb Cahabón, Yutbal canyon IV 3.5km/2:00 no
  Lanquín, upper III+ 6km/1:00 no
  Lanquín, middle IV 3km/1:00 no
  Cahabón, main IV up to 62km/3 days yes
  Oxec V 11km/4:00 no
  Polochic, upper IV+ up to 12.5km/6:00 no
  Polochic, dam IV+ 6-9km/1-2:00 no
  Polochic, main IV+ 23km/4:00 no
  Polochic, lower III 9km/1:00 yes
  Cucanjá III 7km/1:30 + Poloch. no
  Panimá, upper IV 11km/4:00 no
  Panimá-Matanzas, main IV+ 39km/5:00 yes
  Ribacó IV 7.5km/2:30 no
  Samiljá IV 12km/3:00 + Mat. no
  Pueblo Viejo III 6km/1:15 no
  Tinajas III 6.5km/0:45 no
  Boca Nueva IV 23km/4:30 no
  Zarco III+ 9km/1:30 no
COBÁN Sachichaj, upper V- 11km/6:00 no
season: Jun, Jul-Nov, Dec-Jan Sachichaj, lower III- 11km/1:30 yes
  Chixoy, dam run IV 26km/3:30 yes
  Chixoy, bridge run VI- 17km/7:30 no
  Chixoy, canyon run IV 17km/5:00+hike no
  Calá* IV- 13km/2:30 no
  Cahabón, far upper III 13.5km/2:00 no
  Cahabón, above Cobán III 12km/2:00 no
  Mestelá III+ 15km/3:00 no
  Chilax-Chicoy, lower IV 9km/2:30 no
  Chilax-Chicoy, upper III 8km/2:00 no
  Cahabón, Carchá run IV- up to 19.5km/4:00 no
  Tzunutz IV+ 10.5km/7:00 no
MID CUCHUMATANES Amelco IV- 10km/1:30 no
(listed west to east) Mixlaj V 7.5km/5:00+Coc. no
season: Mar-Jun, Jul-Feb Cocolá III/IV- 10km/1:30 yes
  Yulá San Juan V- 28km/4:30 yes
  Sichel-Suchum IV+ 18km/9:00 no
  Xacbal, upper IV 17km/5:30 no
  Xacbal, middle* V 5.5km/6:00 no
  Xacbal, dam run* V+ 7km/8:00 no
  Xacbal, lower* V+ 19km/14:00 no
  Cotzal* IV 8km/2:30 no
  Chipal* IV- 1.5km/0:30 no
  Putul* V- 21km/7:00+Copón no
  Copón, the canyon* IV+ 16km/6:00+lower yes
  San Antonio* III 5km/1:00 no
CHISEC Icbolay III 21km/3:00 yes
(listed northwest to southeast) El Limón II- 17km/3:00 yes
season: Jun, Jul-Dec, Jan-Feb Candelaria Caves* II up to 25km/7:00 no
  San Simon II 6km/1:30 no
  Dolores, lower* IV 15km/3:30 no
  Dolores, upper* III+ up to 23 km/5:00 no
  Canguinic II+ 16km/4:00+Dolores no
  Copón, lower* III+ 20km/3:00 yes
  Chixoy, Chamá section* IV 53km/9:00 yes
  Chixoy, Peyán section II 28-47km/4-7:00 yes
RÍO DULCE San Marcos III 25km/4:30 no
(listed south to north) Sauce* IV 8-31km/2-6:00 no
season: Jun, Jul-Oct, Nov-Feb Túnico III- 11km/1:30 no
  Ciënaga, upper IV- 12km/3:00+hike no
  Ciënaga, middle III 9.5km/1:30 yes
  Chahal, upper IV(V) 13km2:30 no
  Chahal, middle II 6.5km/1:00 yes
  Chahal, lower canyon IV 15km/5:00 yes
  Gracias a Dios* III+ 7.5+10km/3+2:00 yes
  Chiyú, lower (Las Conchas) III up to 19km/5:30 no
  Chiyú, upper (Setzol Cave) III 13km/4:00 parts
  San Pedro branch* III+ 18km/5:00 no
PETEN Machaquilá, upper III up to 26km/4:30 no
(listed south to north) Machaquilá, lower III up to 50km/3 days no
season: Jun, Jul-Jan, Feb Poxté, middle III- 5km/2:00 no
  Chiquibul, upper IV up to 28km/7:00 no
  Mopán-Chiquibul, lower II+ up to 76km/3 days yes

*politically sensitive (see the tips page)

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