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Here are the known runs in El Salvador. Rivers with a write-up on this site will be link-highlighted in your browser. For the season data, best months are in green, marginal months in red. Times are average for experienced kayakers. For a different country, click here: Chiapas Guatemala Belize Honduras Nicaragua.

region river class length/time rafts?
COAST Chalchuapa IV 26km/4:30 no
(listed west to east) Paz, lower IV+(V+) 36km/7:00 risky
season: Jun-Aug, Sep-Oct Sonsonate IV- 16km/3:00 no
  Chiquihuat, upper V- 4km/2:00 no
  Chiquihuat, main IV up to 18.5km/5:30 no
  Banderas II 8km/1:30 yes
  Jiboa IV+ 24km/7:30 no
NORTH-WEST Sucio III+(IV-) up to 51km/7:00 no
(listed clockwise) Suquiapa II+ 12km/2:00 no
season: Jun-Aug, Sep-Oct Guajoyo III+ 6km/1:30 yes
  Anguiatú-Angue III,II 13+13km/4:00 Angue
  Lempa, upper IV 20km/4:00 yes
  Lempa, Las Pavas V 6km/4:00 no
  Lempa, middle III up to 36km/7:00 yes
  Nunuapa IV- 14km/2:30 no
  Tahuilapa, upper & lower III, IV 8.5+7km/2:30 no
  Metayate III up to 17.5km/2:30 no
  Azampio IV 13km/3:00 no
  Tamulasco, upper & lower IV, III 7+6km/3:00 lower?
  Sumpul, over the top IV 4.5km/2:30 no
  Sumpul, top V- 6km/2:30 no
  Sumpul, upper V 19km/7:00 no
  La Garza IV 4km/1:30 no
  Sumpul, middle IV 12km/2:00 portage
  Sumpul, lower III 17km/2:00 yes
  Sumpul, lower lower II- 4.3km/0:30 yes
  Lempa, lower II 54km/1-2 days yes
EAST Titihuapa, upper & lower IV-,III 16+8km/5:30 no
(listed west to east) Torola, lower III/IV 22km/3:00 yes
season: Jun-Aug, Sep-Oct El Pueblo III 17km/3:00 no
  Yamabal III 17.5km/2:30 no
  Guayabal II 23.5km/3:00 no
  San Miguel, lower IV 6.5km/2:00 portage
  Torola, middle IV up to 48km/7:00 yes
  Torola, upper IV 12.5km/5:00 no
  Torola, way upper III+ 9km/2:00 no
  Anamorós III up to 24km/4:00 no
  Las Piñas-Pasaquina III up to 19km/3:30 no

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