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The River Tables.

If a per-country table listing gets you what you want to know, click on the country to get it: Chiapas Guatemala Belize Honduras El Salvador Nicaragua

The River Maps.

Clicking one of the following links will open a google map showing the location of all the runs in mayanwhitewater-land, plus river gauge and weather station locations. Yes, there are a lot of runs around here! Option (2) takes you directly to maps hosted by google, split up by category and which may load easier for you (without tracelines). Option (3) allows you to download a file suitable for viewing the markers directly on your Google Earth client (but you will have to update manually).

  1. map with all markers and tracelines and gauges
  2. google-hosted maps showing river markers in Chiapas/Belize, river markers in Guatemala/Honduras/El Salvador/Nicaragua, and the gauges.
  3. .kmz file with everything, for use with Google Earth

(Note markers are color-coded: email class I, email class II, email class III, email class IV, email class V, class VI class "VI". Markers with a black star inside indicate rivers with a write-up.)

(Note streamflow gauges are also color-coded: email "interesting" flow, email river is up in the last 2 days, email uninteresting flow (or uncalibrated), email only uncalibrated height readings available, email no recent flow or height readings available.

(Note rain gauges are also color-coded: email means good rain yesterday, email means little or no rain yesterday, and email means recent measurements are unavailable.)

(Note further: Google Maps labels a lot of towns/villages incorrectly)

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