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Multimedia archives. Here's some copies and links of published written and videoed reports from MayanWhiteWater-land. (If you know of others you think should be listed here, please let me know.)



guidebook: A Gringo's Guide to Mexican Whitewater by Tom Robey, 2nd edition 2000.

Río Agua Azul: "Jungle Kayakers" episode of National Geographic Explorer TV show, 1990; "Agua Azul", by Phil Barnes, Kayak Session magazine, Fall 2011 and February 2013; "One Life", about Rey de Río race, by Dave Shively, Canoe and Kayak online magazine, April 2015 (and videos on Kayak Session magazine).

Río Chich & Chen Cave: Rivers of the Underworld documentary.

Río Jataté and Río Agua Azul: kayak video No Big Names 2: Amped, 2003.

Río Santo Domingo: kayak video Hotel Charlie-No Big Names 4, 2006.

Ríos Santo Domingo and Agua Azul. Expedition Earth--Rivers of the Maya adventure video, 1993.

Ríos Jataté, Lacantún, and Usumacinta: Sacred Monkey River: A Canoe Trip with the Gods, a nonfiction novel by Christopher Shaw, 2000. Nice read with interesting history and cultural background.

Ríos Lacanjá and Usumacinta: River of the Sacred Monkey, book by Dimitar Krustev, 1970.

Río La Venta: Rio La Venta; Tesoro de Chiapas, book by Badino Giovanni, Belotti Alvise, Bernabei Tullio, De Vivo Antonio, Domenici Davide, Giulivo Italo, 1999.

Sumidero Canyon: 1962 footage of first (and only) descent of the Río Grijalva through the now-submerged Sumidero Canyon.


Belize River Challenge: "Surviving the La Ruta Maya", Paddler magazine, January 2001.

Ríos Macal, Caves Branch, and Moho: "12 Top Jungle Rivers", (Macal-Caves Branch/Moho) Paddler magazine, January 1999.

Ríos Macal, Privassion: "Macal Madness", first descent of Privassion creek, (mostly on the steeps above the book run) and part of Upper/Lower Macal, video on Youtube, January 2011.

Río Swasey: "6 Stellar Winter Paddling Jems", Paddler magazine, November 2002.


Río Copón: Kayaking Costa Rica and Guatemala video by Blaž Stan, April 2017. 2nd half is our "return to the Río Copón" expedition.

Ríos Copón, Cahabón: documentary Rios Guatemala: The Preservation of Wild Rivers, 2012.

Río Cahabón: "Los 15 mejores ríos del mundo para los viajeros", CNN En Español, October 2013; "12 Top Jungle Rivers", Paddler magazine, January 1999.

northern rivers: video of 2 week-long IK tour, January, 2014 by Anthony Trgovcich (33 minutes).

Ríos Matanzas, Lanquín, Cahabón, Polochic: "Whitewater High", by Joe Greiner, American Whitewater magazine, September 1995.

general: "Got Guat?", by Greg Schwendinger, Paddler magazine, March 2006.

Río Copón descent: First Descents: In Search of Wild Rivers, with chapter titled "Al Copón" written by Bruce Keller and with photos by Greg Schwendinger, Menasha Ridge Press, 2009.

Río Cahabón: Yutbol Canyon and Lanquin Kayaking video by Aventura Grande, August 2014.

Río Machaquilá: Machaquilá, book by Albert Lisi. Autobiographical account from an intrepid traveller back in the 60's who barely survives the jungle and Río Machaquilá, a fun read, Hastings House 1968.


guidebook: Honduras: The Undiscovered Country by Andrew Hibbard of Ríos Honduras, 1997.

Río Sico: "Rumble in the Jungle", by Larry Rice, Canoe & Kayak magazine, November 2003.

Río Cangrejal: "12 Top Jungle Rivers", Paddler magazine, January 1999.

The most artistic of the many Río Cangrejal videos on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uH2TsdTNVnk&feature=youtu.be

Río Cahabón, Guatemala, and northern Honduras creeks: "Kayaks and Coconuts", Youtube video of an exploratory expedition featuring Paul Harwood and Ken Whiting, 1995.


Río Tuma: rafting video by Matagalpa Tours.


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