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Chiapas & Belize, version 2.1 (November 2015):

no known errors

Chiapas & Belize, version 2.0 (February 2015):

1. Río Jataté, lower (page 187): Take-out names are reversed. It should read: "San Bartolo (234 m), or La Soledad (225 m)"

Chiapas & Belize, first edition (b/w maps):

1. The overview maps had the river numbers incorrect for rivers numbered 65 and higher. For the correct version of the maps, download this pdf file. You can print it out with Adobe Reader using these options: letter-sized paper, landscape orientation, and "multiple" pages 2 x 1; fold the printed sheet in half and stick it in the book before page 1.

2. On page 241, the last line should read: "Note: Belize driving times are shown on the region maps, page 207 and page 227.

3. Please see my latest advice for dealing with the Zapatistas on the Río Jataté, on the Río Jataté page.

There are other miscellaneous typos, etc, that I have found. If you find anything you think should be brought to my attention, please do so.


regards, Greg


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