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(International Documentaries below)

Dam resistance. There are many ill-conceived, harmful dams, and legally non-compliant dams in Guatemala. Several of the dams are on the magnificent Río Cahabón, including the Oxec dam right in the middle of the multi-day rafting trip. I send out email news updates about this dam, contact me if you'd like to be on the list. Below I have list of important resources, reports, and comminiqué's regarding this unfortunate project.

Facebook group against large dams in Guatemala.

Donation information to help support the work of Colectivo Madre Selva.

Feb 2018: Summary and history of Oxec project issues, in English and Spanish.

Feb 2018: Links to media reports on the arrest of Bernardo Caal (Spanish).

Feb 2018: Outside and inside of folded pamphlet espousing the perspectives and demands of the Q'eqchi' people affected by the Cahabón dams.

Dec 2015: Comunique from the communities demanding respect for their rights.

Dec 2015: article from CMI Guatemala: Destrucción en el río Cahabón

Jan 2014: Environmental Impact Study (in Spanish) provided by the dam company (a sham)

Nov 2015: Essay I have written against the dam

Pro-river (anti-dam) documentaries. I am compiling a list of important films for those in the anti-dam movement. (If you know of others you think should be listed here, please let me know.)

Central America:

Chixoy Dam, Guatemala. Documentary by Rights Action, 2012.

Rest of the world:

USA: DamNation documentary, 2014.

Brazil: Trailer for "Belo Monte: After the Flood" documentary, 2016.

Brazil and Turkey: Damocracy documentary, 2013.

India, Mexico, Brazil: A River Runs Through Us documentary by International Rivers, 2006.


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