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Here are the known runs in Honduras. Rivers with a write-up on this site will be link-highlighted in your browser. For the season data, best months are in green, marginal months are in red. Times are average for experienced kayakers. For a different country, click here: Chiapas Guatemala Belize El Salvador Nicaragua.

region river class length/time rafts?
NORTH COAST Guaimas1 IV 23km/4:30 no
(listed west to east) San Juan1 IV+ 9km/5:00 no
season: Jul-Aug, Sep-Nov, Dec-Feb San Juan, upper V 7km/3:30 no
  Cuero1 IV- 15km/2:00 yes
  Santiago1 II 6km/1:00 no
  Coloradito/Corinto V 3km/1:00 no
  El Danto IV 4km/1:00 no
  Cangrejal1 V up to 18km/8:00 parts
  Sambo Creek1 V 2km/1:00 no
  Papaloteca1 III 17km/3:00 no
NORTHEAST Sulaco1 V 19km/3:30 no
(listed west to east) Yaguala1 IV+ 39km/10:00 no
season: Jul-Sep, Oct-Nov, Nov-Jan Esquipulas III 14km/2:00 no
  Mame1 IV+ up to 69km/12:00 lower
  San Pedro IV up to 15km/8:00 no
  Tocoa IV 23km/4:30 no
  Tajuica V- 9km/3:00 no
  Sico, upper1 IV 57km/1-4 days yes
  Sico, lower III 130km/4 days yes
  Plátano III up to 15 days yes
MID-NORTH San José IV- 5km/0:45 no
(listed south to north) Humuya IV 17km/3:30 no
season: Jul-Aug, Sep-Nov, Dec Puringla IV+ up to 25km/6:30 no
  Sazagua III+ 8km/1:00 no
  Otoro, upper III/IV 16km/2:00 yes
  Otoro IV 66km/10:00 yes
  Jaitique IV+ 15km/6:00 no
  Gualcarque V 21km/8:30 no
  Guince IV+ 15km/4:00 no
  Palaja IV 15km/4:00 no
  Aguagua III 7km/1:00 no
  Cececapa IV 21km/2:30 no
  Ulua1 III up to 123km/14:00 yes
  Comayagua II? 13km/2:00 yes
NORTHWEST Cuyamel III+ 5km/0:30 no
(listed east to west) Chamelecon, lower III 11km/2:00 no
season: Jul-Aug, Sep-Nov, Dec-Jan Chamelecon, upper V- 11km/3:00 no
  Cacaulapa IV 11km/1:30 no
  Copán, upper sections IV up to 24km/5:00 no
  Copán, middle1 II 11km/2:00 no
  Copán, lower1 IV 10km/1:30 no
  Copán, border run III 14km/3:00 yes
WEST Lempa, top III up to 29km/4:30 no
(listed northwest to southeast) Jicatuyo1 IV+ up to 75km/16:00 portage
season: Jun-Jul, Aug-Oct, Nov Higuito1 IV- 22km/3:00 yes
  Grande, lower V- 14km/2:30 no
  Grande, upper III 26km/4:30 no
  Blanca IV 20km/3:30 no
  Jalagua IV- 15km/3:00 no
  Mejocote, lower III+ 19km/3:00 yes
  Mejocote, middle IV+ 12km/3:30 no
  Mejocote, upper IV+ 14km/3:00 no
  Jagua III+ 5km/1:15 no
  Cocire IV 13km/3:00 no
  La Iguala IV 25km/8:00 no
  Mocal, upper V 17km/12:00 no
  Mocal V 56km/25:00 no
  Negro, middle V 10km/4:00 no
  Negro, lower IV 22km/6:30 no
SOUTH Rancho Grande IV+ 14km/6:00 no
(listed west to east) San Juan IV+ up to 25km/6:00 no
season: Jun, Jul-Oct Reitoca V 15km/5:00 no
  Verdugo IV 10km/3:30 no
  Tepemechines IV 13km/3:00 no
  Texíguat V- 37km/6:00 no
  Yaguera IV 22km/4:00 no

1these rivers are described in the book Honduras: The Undiscovered Country by Andrew Hibbard.

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